The Alberta Games provide many benefits to both the host community and to thousands of Albertans who participate at local, zone, and provincial levels. Alberta Games provide an opportunity to celebrate young athletes and provide them with a venue to compete and reach their athletic potential.

Alberta Games provides a competitive opportunity for provincial level athletes aged 11-17 to compete in a Multi Sports Games. The Senior Masters Games provide an opportunity for Albertans aged 55 plus to stay active in a fun Multi Sport setting. These games take place every two years.

Since the games were introduced in 1986, thousands of athletes have enjoyed competing in every part of Alberta.

Goals of Alberta Games

  • Motivate Albertans to achieve a higher level of physical fitness through more active participation in sport.
  • Develop the cultural and social components as an enhancement to Games in Alberta.
  • Showcase the talents of Albertans in a wide range of sport and activities
  • Provide host communities with a legacy of experienced volunteers and upgraded facilities

Alberta Senior Masters Games

Alberta Senior Masters Games (ASMG), formerly the Alberta 55 Plus Games, provide an opportunity for Albertans, aged 55 and older, to stay active in sport and engage in friendly competition in a multi-sport Games.  The ASMG is a program of the Alberta Sport Connection in partnership with the Alberta 55 plus Association and selected host community, and are offered every two years.  The Games are typically run in late summer and offer both winter (indoor) and summer sports.   Qualifications for the ASMG are organized at the zone level, and participants must register for the Games by the specified closing date.

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