The Alberta Games began as a provincial government initiative for amateur sport, providing an opportunity for all Albertans to participate.


1974 The first ever Alberta Summer Games involving zone participation takes place in Calgary.
1976 The first Alberta Winter Games takes place in Banff.
1980 Until now, the games involved all age groups, including some events for participants over the age of 55. The first ever Alberta Seniors Games takes place this year in Camrose.
1986 The Alberta Sport Council initiates a “New Concept for Games in Alberta,” which emphasizes developing athletes, generally 11 to 17 year olds.
1994 On July 1, the Alberta Sport Council and the Alberta Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation merged to form the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation (ASRPWF).
2000 Starting this year, the Alberta Winter and Summer Games are to be held every two years in the same calendar year. This helps to align the games’ cycle with Canada Games and to provide increased opportunities for athletes with the ability and the desire to progress to the national scene and beyond.
2009 The inaugural Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games are staged. Alberta 55 Plus Summer and Winter Games, formerly Alberta Seniors Games, are both staged in odd numbered years.
2019 The inaugural Alberta Masters Games are staged. The games replaced the Alberta 55 Plus Summer and Winter Games and staged in the odd numbered years.
2020 The Alberta Summer Games were postponed due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.
2021 The Alberta Summer Games were cancelled. This is the first time games have been cancelled.



The Alberta Games program is proud to have hosted the games in 43 different communities across the province of Alberta.

19 Communities have hosted 2 or more games since 1974.

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