Alberta Games Sport Selection

Provincial Sport Organizations wanting information about applying to participate in the Alberta Games Please Conntact


Darrell Joy 

Sport Development Consultant

(403) 297-2705,

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Anita De Frantz - IOC Executive

General Application Criteria

New Sport applications are reviewed and evaluated based on the following general criteria:

  • The sport’s Alberta Game Plan ties into the Long-Term Athlete Development model. This model offers a continuum of athlete development opportunities prior to the Alberta Games and beyond, including competition at the provincial championship level, Western Canadian, National, and Canada Games.
  • The technical package is designed for the Training to Train* athlete, generally eleven to seventeen years of age. The actual age level of the athletes should take into consideration the overall athlete development model for that sport.
  • The sport demonstrates a plan for coach and technical official selection that aligns with their Alberta Game Plan and Long-Term Athlete Development model.
  • The sport has demonstrated organizational abilities and a commitment to the philosophy and policies of the Alberta Games.
  • The sport is able to have meaningful playoffs in at least four zones. For individual sports, “meaningful playoffs” implies that there are more athletes potentially able to try out than positions available on the zone team, as specified in the proposal. For team sports, the number of potential teams at the specified age/competition level is greater than the number of team[s] that will represent the zone.
  • Canada Games sports that do not meet the above criteria may make special application to the ASC to participate in the Alberta Games.
  • Sports that are very facility-dependent may also make special application to the Alberta Sport Connection to participate in the Alberta Games, contingent upon a facility being available in the host community.

*Training to Train, as defined by the Long-Term Athlete Development model, states: “age is growth spurt dependent, males 12-16, females 11-15.”

For More Information

Provincial sport organizations that want to know more about applying to participate in the Alberta Games program, please contact Darrell Joy – or (403)297-2705