Donation Fund Program

Providing financial support to eligible provincial sport, physical activity and recreation development programs in Alberta


Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR) Donation Fund Program encourages support for the development of sport, physical activity and recreation in Alberta. The program gives individual and corporate donors an opportunity for a tax incentive to invest in the future of the sector and a process for the acceptance of contributions from charitable organizations.



Through the SPAR Donation-Matching Campaign, the Government of Alberta is using donation-matching funding to create an environment where Alberta’s non-profit sector thrives. Alberta’s sport, physical activity and recreation programs provide many essential services on which Albertans rely for their physical, emotional and mental health while contributing to their quality of life.

Up to $350,000, donation-matching funds are being made available for this Donation-Matching Campaign from April 1st, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The donation-matching funding builds on donor support of sector programs. Albertan can assist in renewing sector programs across the province.

Eligible sport, physical activity and recreation development programs are those delivered directly or in partnership with the organizations enrolled in the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Donation Fund Program. 

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The donation-matching funding from the Government of Alberta is an initiative of Creative Partnerships Alberta.

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Alberta Whitewater Association

Donors that have supported whitewater programs in Alberta see first hand more opportunities for paddling athletes to increase and hone their skills for competition and continue to be active for life. Donor support allowed the Alberta Whitewater Association purchased a fleet of boats.


Alberta Whitewater Association Logo

People practicing the whitewater sport

"Having extra boats to practice in the water has made a huge difference. It has helped to get the kids fired up and excited to train and ultimately stay in the sport."


Alberta Curling Federation

When the COVID 19 pandemic hit the world this year and shut down sport, the SPAR Donation Fund Program provided curlers a way to support their sport and curling facilities across the province. With the coordination of Curling Alberta, donors were able to see their donations were going back into the curling community.

Alberta Curling Federation Logo
Youth curling players

"The Alberta Curling Federation was happy to have access to the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Donation Fund Program throughout the pandemic. The Donation Matching Campaign supported by the Government of Alberta will be an even greater incentive for Alberta curlers to support programs across the province as we return to curling."


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