Alberta Sports Awards

The Alberta Sport Awards program honours extraordinary Alberta Athletes, Teams, Coaches and Officials. There are five annual awards, U21(Junior) Athlete and Team, 21 and over (Open) Athlete and Team and Coach of the Year. Two biennial award categories are – the Don Watts Coach Developer and Official of the Year Awards will be presented 2022, 2024 and 2026.


A nomination can only be under one criteria

Annual Awards

Bi-Annual Award Categories

These awards will be presented in 2022 based on lifetime achievement. Next awards in this category will be presented in 2024.

Award Nomination Information


Submissions for the 2022 Alberta Sport Awards must include the following:

  • All nominations must be eligible by completing the application and providing a complete record of the merits and achievements of the nominee.
  • Any organization, association or individual may submit nominations.
  • Athlete and Team of the Year nominations, a Provincial Sport Association or National Sport Association contact must be identified in order to verify (if necessary) any information contained in the nomination.
  • The Don Watts Coach Developer, and Officiating nominations must have a Provincial Sport Association endorsement (signed by the respective Provincial Sport Association President or his/her designate).
  • In order for a nomination to be considered, all sections of the application relevant to the nominee must be completed. 
  • Incomplete nominations will not be returned.


1. Performance Summary:

Athlete/Team/Coach of the year Nominations:

  • Please provide a summary for 2021 providing a complete list of the following:
    • names, dates and locations of events competed in;
    • final performance;
    • world and national ranking; and
    • indicate personal bests, records established, or awards received.

Don Watts Coach Developer Award and Officials Nomination:

  • Please provide a summary of accomplishments:
    • names, dates and locations of events attended;
    • indicate awards received; and
    • other significant contributions made to the sport.
2. Reference Letter(s):

In order to strengthen the nomination, please provide one or two detailed reference letters (provided in a separate attachment). The letters must include the following:

  • Full name and contact information (email, phone number, organization and location) of the individual providing the reference.
  • Please provide a written summary of why the nominee is deserving of the award in their category.
  • Athlete, Team and Coach of the Year Award - background information is acceptable, focus your comments on the accomplishments of the nominee in 2021 (1-2 pages max).
  • Don Watts and Official Awards, focus your comments on the overall accomplishments of the nominee.
3. Additional Documents

These documents are directly related to the nomination 

  • Team Rosters - list of team members for team with more than 6 members.
  • Additional reference letter if needed.



Award nominees and their nominators will be notified in writing of the selection committee's decision in Fall 2022.

General Inquires: [email protected]