• Code of Conduct

    This Code of Conduct identifies the standard of behavior that is expected of all Team Alberta participants including athletes, coaches, managers and mission staff. Participants who fail to abide by this Code will be subject to disciplinary action.

    The responsibilities of all Team Alberta participants are as follows:
    1. Participants of Team Alberta are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike and responsible manner at all times. Such conduct is expected of participants from selection and training preceding the Games, during the Games, and until they return home. This includes actions and comments made using social media.
    2. Team Alberta is committed to providing a sport environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Participants shall refrain from comments and behaviors that are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist, or sexist.
    3. All participants shall attend the Opening or Closing Ceremonies of the Games as well as Sport Opening and Closing Ceremonies, medal presentations, pep rallies and other official Team Alberta functions. Participants are expected to wear the designated Team Alberta uniform at these events.
    4. All participants shall reside in the Athletes’ Village and adhere to the Host Society’s rules and curfew of 12 midnight. Coaches may set an earlier curfew if game/event schedules warrant.
    5. Participants shall neither consume nor be in possession of alcohol or cannabis in the Athletes' Village, any Games venue or event (Alcohol in the Coaches Lounge is an exception). Participants shall not be under the influence of alcohol or cannabis at any time they are performing their official duties as a member of Team Alberta. Minors shall not be in possession of, nor consume alcohol or cannabis at any time during the Games or during travel to/from the Games.
    6. A minor is defined by the laws of the jurisdiction where the Games are taking place.
    7. Participants shall refrain from smoking in the Athletes’ Village, at all official Team Alberta activities, Games venues and events.
    8. Participants shall not engage in any activity or behavior that interferes with a competition or with any participant’s preparation for a competition, which endangers the safety of others, or is illegal in the jurisdiction.
    9. Team Alberta recognizes the Canadian Policy on Penalties for Doping in Sport (endorsed by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and Canadian Heritage/Sport Canada). Participants shall not use or be in possession of illicit drugs/narcotics, performance-enhancing drugs or methods or drug paraphernalia.
    10. Depending on the severity of the offence, the Chef de Mission or Discipline Committee shall be responsible for discipline which may include any one or combination of the following sanctions:
       Earlier curfew
       Verbal or written reprimand
       Submission by the offender of a verbal or written apology
       Suspension from specific Team Alberta activities or sport competition
       Revoking Team Alberta clothing or gifts
       Removal of certain Team Alberta or Games Host Society Village privileges
       Removal from a portion of, or the remainder of the Games
       Removal from the Games and being sent home at the expense of the participant and/or Provincial Sport Organization
       Other sanctions that are considered appropriate for the offence.
    11. The Discipline Committee may deal with any discipline matter within Team Alberta. The Discipline Committee will consist of a coach or chaperone (which may be the coach or chaperone of the athlete if deemed appropriate), a mission staff person and the Assistant Chef de Mission. The Assistant Chef de Mission shall be the Chair of the Discipline Committee.
    12. A participant involved in a discipline situation shall be advised that they have the right to seek the advice and assistance of a Participant's Advocate. The role of the Participant's Advocate is to advise the athlete of his or her rights, to provide support and to speak on behalf of the athlete, if requested.
    13. Incidents involving a number of team members may result in the entire team receiving disciplinary sanctions.
    14. Any individual who has been disciplined shall have the right to appeal this decision. The Appeals Committee shall hear appeals of disciplinary decisions. The Appeals Committee is made up of the Chef de Mission, a member of the mission staff from a different sport and a third person selected by the Chef de Mission from among the appellant’s peers, but not from the same sport/team (i.e., if the appellant is an athlete, this would be another athlete; if the appellant is a coach, then another coach, etc.). Before the Games, the Chef de Mission shall compile a list of athletes, coaches, managers and mission staff who are willing to serve on the Appeals Committee.
  • Declaration

    By signing and submitting this form, I confirm that:

    1. As a member of Team Alberta, I agree to abide by this Code of Conduct while travelling to, participating at, and returning from the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games. I understand that if I do not abide by this Code of Conduct, disciplinary sanctions may be imposed against me. If these sanctions include expulsion from the Games, I understand that I may be returned home at the expense of myself and/or the Provincial Sport Organization to which I belong.
    2. I hereby grant to Team Alberta, Alberta Culture and Tourism, and the Alberta Sport Connection, the right to use and distribute, without any payment of fee or charge, any written information pertaining to me and submitted during the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games registration process (excluding information contained on the medical form), and any image of me whether in a photograph, video tape or other electronic media acquired while traveling to, participating at or returning from the 2019 Western Canada Summer Games, provided such use and distribution is not commercial in nature.
  • Should the participant be subject to discipline resulting in him/her being sent home at his/her expense, I agree to cover these costs
  • Subsequent to the submission of this form, the respective Provincial Sport Organizations will receive a copy, and will sign off on the participation of all of the sport's athletes, coaches and managers.
  • Sample Minor Infractions: Use of tobacco products, including snuff, by minors, anywhere and at any time; Use of tobacco products, by adults, at any Games venue, event or any official Team Alberta event; Disturbance or disruption after quiet time in the Athletes' Village; Disrespectful, offensive or abusive comments (which includes racist or sexist) or behavior (including the use of social media; e.g. posting comments on Facebook or Twitter); Unsportsmanlike conduct, such as arguing; Being late or absent from Team Alberta events (e.g., Opening or Closing Ceremonies).

    Sample Major Infractions: Unsportsmanlike conduct, such as fighting; Curfew violations; Repeated disturbances or disruptions after quiet time in the Athletes' Village; Repeated or gross display of disrespectful, offensive or abusive comments (which includes racist or sexist) or behaviors; Possession or use of illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia; Use of alcohol or cannabis by a minor at any time; Use or possession of alcohol or cannabis by an adult within the Athletes' Village or any Games venue or event or being under the influence of alcohol or cannabis while performing official duties for Team Alberta; Intoxication; Betting or gambling; Activities or behaviors which disrupt competition; Pranks, jokes or other activities which endanger the safety of others; Criminal activities.

    Sample Minor Sanctions: Earlier curfew; Verbal or written reprimand; Formal verbal apology (Witnessed); Formal written apology (Hand-delivered); Suspension from certain Team Alberta activities, which may include suspension from next scheduled competition at the Games; Other sanctions, as deemed appropriate by the Discipline Committee or Chef de Mission.

    Sample Major Sanctions: Revoking Team Alberta clothing; Removal of certain Team Alberta or Athletes' Village privileges; Assignment to direct supervision for a prescribed period of time; Removal from a portion of, or the remainder of the games at the expense of the athlete; Other sanctions, as deemed appropriate by the Discipline Committee.

    Note that the above samples are representative only and that each discipline case may entail unique circumstances. Decisions on discipline will be at the discretion of the Chef de Mission, Discipline Committee or Appeal Committee, as appropriate.