Interested in participating in the 2018 Arctic Winter Games as an athlete?

Each Provincial Sport Organization identifies one person that lives North of the 55th parallel to act as a Sport Coordinator that oversees team selection.

See the list below to find out who to contact if you would like to participate!

Sport Sport Coordinator Email
Arctic Sports Mr. Tim Horsman
Badminton Mr. Darren Yee
Biathlon- Ski Mr. Michael Morgan
Cross Country Ski Mr. Grant Bouree
Curling Mr. Dan Kleinschroth
Dene Games Ms. Michelle Deering
Figure Staking Ms. Adele Bonetti
Futsal Mr. Michael Hussey
Gymnastics Ms. Katie Biberdorf
Hockey Mr. Blake Cosgrove
Snowboarding Mr. Andrew Rogers
Snowshoeing Mr. Sean McConnell
Speed Skating Mr. Al Benson
Table Tennis Mr. Handy Sutanto
Volleyball Mr. Mitchell Schneider
Wrestling Mr. Adam Link