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Physical Literacy

Alberta Sport Connection is very pleased to support the advancement of physical literacy in Alberta by building cross-sectoral partnerships. See below for more.

Sport for Life – LTAD Resources

Alberta’s Provincial Sport Organizations, Disability Sport Organizations, and Multi-Sport Service Organizations are invited to visit to navigate Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

  • What is quality sport?
  • How can we develop leadership among girls and women in sport?
  • What do we need to know to design effective athlete development programs?
  • Is our current competition format “meaningful”?
  • How can we engage parents of young athletes?


Sport encourages personal development, reduces stress and improves physical and mental health.

Follow up Information:

October 4th – Sport Hub,  City of Calgary

To view recorded session click here

May 2nd – Strategic Planning with Dr. Stephen Norris

To view recorded session click here

April 4th – Discussion Invisible Disabilities with Meredith Gardner from “Count Me In”

To view recorded session click here

March 7th Jennifer Birch Jones Q & A LGBTQI2S Experiences in Sport

To view the recorded session click here

  • Board Resources

CAAWS Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQI2S Athletes and Coaches. Access at:

– CAAWS Position Statement on Trans Inclusion in Sport. Access at:

– CCES: Creating Inclusive Environments for Trans Participation in Cdn  Sport. Access at:

– No

– Egale Canada Hockey Easter Ontario Dressing Room Policy (6.31). Access at:

6.31.1 Egale/HEO Dressing Room Policy Implementation Guide

6.31.2 Egale/HEO Confidentiality Statement

6.31.3 Egale/HEO Confidentiality Statement Implementation

  • Resources Coming

– COC’s LGBTQI2S Inclusion In Sport Introduction Online Elearning Module (April)

– CCES’s Policy and Practice Template for Sport Organizations on Creating Inclusive Environments for Trans Participants

  • What Your Organization Can Do / How Your Organization is Doing – LGBTQI2S Sports Inclusion Toolkit Checklist (Draft attached – feel free to share – all feedback welcome)
  • Local Alberta Resources

– Dr William Bridel, University of Calgary, You Can Play Western Regional Board (and access to local LGBTQI2S athletes and coaches)

– Dr. Kris Wells, Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity Studies, Univ. of Alberta

February 15th CAAWS Leading the Way Webinar

To view the recorded session and content click here.

February 7, 2018 Sport for Life Summit – World LTAD Symposium 2018 Highlights – Vicki Harber – Sport for Life

Slide Deck

December 6, 2017 Meaningful competition – Carolyn Trono – Sport for Life

Meaningful Competition Slide Deck

We apologize the recording for this session did not work

November 8, 2017 LTAD Lunch Quality of Sport at the community level, where does it live?

What is the role of the PSO? What is the current relationship? How do we all benefit? Presentations from City of Edmonton – Community Leagues and Sport for Life Cochrane.

PL LTAD Edmonton Community Leagues – Sport Explorerez Slide Deck

November 8th LTAD Lunch Slide Deck Cochrane Multisport Program Slide Deck


October 10, 2017 LTAD Lunch Quality Sport – Sport for Life PLEA Tool

September 6, 2017 LTAD Lunch Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) LTAD Lunch follow up:

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Phyiscal Activity (CAAWS) LTAD Lunch follow up Information:

  • Statistics on girls and women and sport – From our research report with Dairy Farmers of Canada. The full report and summaries can be found here. It’s a great tool for raising awareness and sparking a conversation.
  • Gender Equity Assessment – Two great resources to prompt organizational reflection and conversation. One for Community organizations and one for Clubs and P/TSOs.
  • LTAD presentations/webinars – A one-hour presentation that educates participants on some of the key considerations for girls and young women in sport/physical activity. A description can be found here, and a cost of $150 for a presenter honorarium (plus expenses) makes this quite feasible. This provides a great entry point for creating engagement on the subject, with a wealth of further resources available on the CS4L program page on our website, including in-depth resources, videos, webinar recordings, one-page recommendation sheets for sport leaders in various roles, and more.
  • WISE Fund – Launching October 2nd thru November 10th, this CAAWS grant program offers ten $1000 grants  annually. Alberta Soccer has been one of our recipients, and I can guarantee an Alberta recipient this year. Our priorities are on advancing women in leadership—often in the form of supporting female coaches to advance—and supporting initiatives that expand opportunities to keep girls in sport.
  • Champions Fund – Open now and closing September 20th, Dairy Farmers of Canada are giving away thirty $5000 grants! All the details can be found on the Champions Fund site.
  • Women and Leadership – Highly-regarded and turnkey, these workshops offer organizations a way to provide professional development to their emerging or existing female leaders. We have five core workshops on different topics, with a sixth workshop for university and college-aged women. Full descriptions can be found here on our website. We ask for an honorarium of $250 for a 3-hour workshop, plus expenses—all going to the expert facilitators. This is great as a multi-sport collaboration, with two or more sports combining to offer it to their female coaches and/or leaders.
  • Women on Boards – We have two different presentations to offer on this topic—one for organizations and one for female leaders considering a board position. Full descriptions can be found on the program page, along with a detailed resource for boards and women, alike. As with the LTAD presentation, these are designed to prompt thought and discussion with the goal of leading to expanded emphasis and effort to create diverse and representative boards.
  • Female Coach Mentorship Model – Launching in late October, this model has been developed in conjunction with the CAC and the University of Toronto, and piloted by 4 organizations for a year. It offers a turnkey mentorship model that can be implemented at any level, with guides for sport administrators, mentors and mentees. The aim is to support effective mentoring relationships that will support and advance female coaches. The CAC will host it for free download on its website and we will be workshopping it at the Sport Leadership Conference (availability of webinar for that workshop is being explored).


  • Staying connected with CAAWS through our newsletter and social media (@CAAWS) are easy ways to stay up-to-date on these and other opportunities! We can be reached at for direct inquiries.

Physical Literacy

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Created by the Canadian Sport for Life Alberta Community Recreation & Sport Work Group as part of a project funded by Alberta Sport Connection to promote Physical Literacy and the Canadian Sport for Life Movement.



To build on the momentum created from regional PLAY (Physical Literacy And You) Groups, Physical Literacy Connect ( was created to bring together champions from across the province. Find and join your local PLAY group online, share and learn in the Wiki, pose a question in the Q&A, communicate with other members, share and RSVP to upcoming events, and share stories of great work happening to advance physical literacy in your community!



On April 5, 2017, physical literacy experts and advocates met to discuss physical literacy in Alberta. Below is a recording of some of the discussion, and some follow-up resources from the session.


Advancing Physical Literacy in Alberta: Continuing the Conversation – PDF from a March 2016 meeting to provide context.

Priorities Poster – PDF outlining priorities, next steps, and commitments.

Continuing the Conversation – April 2017 Summary Notes – PDF with summary from the April 5th session.