• DON WATTS COACH DEVELOPER (NCCP Multi-Sport Learning Facilitator/Evaluator)
  • COACH DEVELOPER – SPORT (NCCP Sport Learning Facilitator/Evaluator)

These awards are open to Alberta NCCP Learning Facilitators/Evaluators that meet the following criteria:

  • Trained and/or Certified as a NCCP Learning Facilitator/Evaluator;
  • Actively facilitated NCCP workshops in Alberta for a minimum of five years;
  • Endorsed by the Provincial Sport Association or Provincial Coaching Representative;
  • Consistently contributed to the development of Alberta’s coaches;
  • Recognized as a leading Learning Facilitator/Evaluator;
  • Contributed to coach training by leading or assisting with NCCP workshops, coach seminars, development camps, development of coaching resources, etc;
  • Actively participated in professional development by attending clinics, seminars, etc. to enhance Learning Facilitator/Evaluator skills.