Women and Girls in Sport

Women and girls are underrepresented in all areas of sport, as coaches, athletes, leaders, and administrators.

  • Only 2% of girls ages 12-17 receive the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Only 19% of Canadian women participate in sport, compared to 35% of Canadian men
  • If a girl doesn’t participate by age 10 there is only a 10% chance she’ll be physically active at age 25

To close the gender gap in sport, partners in the sport sector to build awareness, provide education and develop capacity so that sport is more representative and inclusive for women and girls.

How is your organization working to lessen the gender gap? Test your organization’s gender equity with the Gender Equity Assessment Tool.


Julie Hurd

Consultant, Sport Development

P: 780-427-5132
Email: julie.hurd@albertasport.ca

Sport helps empower girls & women because it changes attitudes. When she triumphs, she becomes a role model for her family and community

Anita De Frantz - IOC Executive