In freestyle skiing at Canyon Ski Resort, Team Alberta’s MacKenzie Schwinghamer, 19, took the silver medal in a highly unexpected situation. She moved on into the Aerials finals by posting the ffourth-highestscore of 109.60 points in the qualifying round, which came as a big surprise as she had never competed in the event before. Her only jumping experience came this week, training a total of five jumps for the event.

In the finals, Schwinghamer posted two solid jumps to score a combined 109.38 points, taking the unexpected silver medal.

“I’m feeling pretty good. It’s pretty intimidating from the start gate to look at the jumps. But it’s actually pretty fun,” said Schwinghamer, who had never competed in the sport prior to the Canada Games.

In the men’s aerials, Sam Goodison qualified for the finals, and placed sixth in the finals.