The first snow events of the second week of the competition were held at Riverbend Golf and Country Club, and Alberta’s Reed Godfrey won the silver medal with a time of 22:57 after 10km of racing. Godfrey earned the silver by just 0.8 seconds in front of Graham Ritchie of Ontario. British Columbia’s Rémi Drolet took the top spot on the podium.

“I’m really happy we were able to race today despite the cold. I went for a run this morning, and it was pretty cold. But it warmed up by race time. The track was really fast today considering how cold it was. I’m really impressed with the course and the snow conditions. I am happy with the results. A second place is a great place at the Games. But I am not happy with the performance. I didn’t pace it very well today,” said Godfrey after the race.

In the women’s race, Issy (Isobel) Hendry, 16 of Canmore, AB was the third fastest to complete the 7.5 km distance, stopping the clock at 22:42, just two seconds behind the silver medal position.

Hendry said after the race: “It was a good day for sure, I felt good in my race. I took a lot of rest leading up to the Games. We’ve had a busy season. Today I felt rested and strong.

With regards to racing the cold temperatures, Hendry didn’t feel it affected her performance: “The cold didn’t really affect me. I’ve raced a lot in the cold this season. It was important today to have a high tempo so that your skis spend less time on the snow. Today, I focused on tempo instead of power, and I think that worked really well.”