In ideal paddling conditions on the Red River, Brady Garcia of Calgary, AB won his third medal of these games, this time a gold medal in the Men’s C2 500m with partner Gavin Jaeger-Freeborn also of Calgary.

In the final race, Garcia and Jaeger-Freeborn edged their rivals from Quebec at the finish line, stopping the clock at 1:44.767, just a second ahead of the silver medallists.

“It feels great to win the gold medal. It’s nice to see and hear my parents, teammates, and friends cheer for us. We’ve been working hard, and it’s paying off,” said Jaeger-Freeborn.

Added Garcia: “We were really confident. We knew that it wouldn’t be easy as the other crews are super strong. We have had success in this race before. We trusted each other to go all out, and it worked out.”

Garcia and Jaeger-Freeborn have two different skillsets, with Garcia having more power on the shorter distance and Jaeger-Freeborn performing better in the longer endurance race.

“We have been together for a long time. We have learned to build on each other’s advantages and strengths. We work together as a team instead of making up for our weaknesses. We try to focus on our strengths and work together. The 500m is a perfect distance for us,” explained Jaeger-Freeborn.

On Monday, the pair won the silver medal in the Men’s C1000m, while Garci earned the bronze in the individual Men’s C1 500m.

In the women’s K1 1000m, Jane Girgulis took home the bronze medal by posting a time of 4:12.40, less than two seconds off the silver medal time, to earn her second medal of these Games.

“I’m really excited. It’s been a really long journey. It’s my fifth year in the sport, and my second experience at the Canada Games,” shared Girgulis after her race. “I have a lot more experience this time around and felt more prepared. I carried over a lot of confidence coming into these games. In Sherbrooke, I was really nervous competing at my first national competition. Here in Winnipeg, I am more confident in my abilities and more relaxed which is really helpful.”