Cross Country Sking Looses a Great Leader

ASC was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Bjorger Pettersen, a pioneer in the sport of cross-country skiing in Alberta & North Americia. He helped Canada realize & embrace all the possibilities of cross-country skiing. A member of Canada’s Olympic Team in the ’60s, he went on to become a National Team coach and the first full-time cross-country ski coach in Canada. He created the Territorial Experimental Ski Training program (TEST) which developed many Olympic team members for the 1972 & 1976 Olympic Games. A past cross-country Chair of the Canadian Amateur Ski Association and Vice-Chair of the National Ski Association, his many accomplishments also included the design, creation & management of the Canmore cross-country ski facility for the 1988 Olympics.

He has had a great impact on many Albertans and developing Alberta athletes