Naomi Walsh commented on the gold medal performance for Team Alberta: “It was so fun. It was pretty good, the ski felt pretty good, and the shooting range went really well for us”. She then added: “The blue lips really helped!,” referring to the blue lipstick that the girls sported.

Teammate Pascale Paradis added after the race: “Clean shots for all of us with only two spares, but that’s okay.

Pascale Paradis of Calgary, AB, won three medals in three races at these games, winning a gold medal, a silver medal, and a bronze medal. Jenna Sherrington and Naomi Walch, also of Calgary, respectively won two medals.

In the men’s relay race, Team Alberta earned the silver medal by posting a time of 1:05:57.1, behind Quebec. The silver medal team is comprised of Chad Berling, Haldan Borglum, Thomas Hulsman, and Reid Lovstrom.