In the morning draw, Alberta’s rink both won their matches against Northwest Territories at the Pidherney Curling Centre.

The women’s team skipped by Julia Bakos won 13-4 after seven ends, their second consecutive win of the tournament. Alberta scored a deuce in the opening end, but the Northwest Territories blanked the second end and scored three points in the third end to take the 3-2 lead. Bakos bounced back in the fourth end, scoring an impressive four points, followed by a steal of two in the fifth end. They conceded a single point I the sixth end and answered with a five-point end that led to the handshake.

Nathan Molberg, skipping Team Alberta’s men’s team, also took the victory against his opponent 6-2 in seven ends to remain undefeated after two matches. Moberg conceded the first point of the match and answered with four points in the next three ends, stealing points in the third and fourth ends. Up 4-1 at the halfway mark, Team Alberta conceded a single and scored singles in the sixth and seventh end to force the early end of the game.

In the evening draw, Alberta faced off against Newfoundland in both men and women’s tournaments.

The women of Alberta with Bakos at the helm went on to win 6-3 their evening matchup. Bakos scored a deuce in the opening end and went on to steal a single point in the third end after a blank from Newfoundland in the second. Newfoundland opened the scoring in the fourth end, scoring a deuce to reduce the Alberta lead to one point. Alberta seized the opportunity on the next end and added two more points. After exchanging single points in the sixth and seventh end. The team from Newfoundland finally conceded the victory to Team Alberta.

Team Bakos, representing Alberta, remains undefeated after three matches at the Canada Games tournament.

On the men’s side, Milberg faced off against the undefeated Newfoundland team skipped by Nathan Young.

Molberg won the hammer to start the game and scored a single in the first end. Young blanked the second and scored two points in the third end to take the lead. Molberg equalized in the fourth at the halfway mark, but the young skipper from Newfoundland pounced in the fifth end by scoring a huge three-point end to take a commanding lead.  Molberg added a single in the following end, but the Newfoundland stayed on the offensive to take another triple, sealing the game at 8-3. Facing a five-point deficit in the last end, Molberg shook end.

The men’s team now shows a 2-1 record in the Canada Games tournament.