Alberta had six boats entering the main finals at Kenora Rowing Club for the Canada Games rowing regatta, and earned a total of five medals: 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Aline Belzil (Edmonton, AB) and Veronique Ulrich (Calgary, AB) earned a silver medal in the women’s pair race, ending the race four seconds off the winning time set by BC.

In the women’s eight event, Alberta took an unexpected silver medal by posting a time of 6:52.90 just five seconds from the title. The crew is comprised of Belzil, Ulrich, Miki Chantler (Calgary, AB), Justine Foster (Calgary, AB), Nicole Foster (Calgary, AB), Claire Hinse (Calgary, AB), Sofia McGurk (Calgary, AB), Sarah Power (Edmonton, AB), and Claudia Reisinger (Calgary, AB).

Alberta’s boat racing in the Lightweight Four earned the bronze medal. The crew members in the category are Aaron Harrower (Edmonton, AB), Connor McKenzie (Calgary, AB), Adam Miller (Calgary, AB), and Samuel Pohl (Calgary, AB).

The men’s pair crew of Curtis Ames (Calgary, AB) and Alexander Sawers (Calgary, AB) won the bronze medal.

Tavis Enno (Calgary, AB), Karl Hare (Calgary, AB), Erik Hohnstein (Edmonton, AB) and Kyle Pollock (Calgary, AB) won the bronze medal in the Quadruple Sculls race.