Eligible applicants include, but are not limited to:

  1. Community not-for-profit groups registered (and in good standing) under one of the following:
    • Societies Act
    • Agricultural Societies Act
    • Acts of Parliament
  2. Non-registered not-for-profit groups with letters of support from your provincial sport association and/or your municipality.
  3. Municipalities, First Nations and Métis Settlements
  4. Educational Institutions

Applications will be reviewed on their individual merit based on the objective of Alberta Sport Connection, the resources available and the following parameters:

  • Only sport events that fit within the mandate of the Alberta Sport Connection
The following will not be funded:
  • For-profit organizations
  • Sports in which athletes directly use and control motorized propulsion as a component of competition (e.g. automobiles, motorcycles, powerboats, aircraft, snow machines, etc.)

Applications will be accepted for the following events:

Sport Events

Priority will be given to:

  • Minor International Cups/Events — up to $10,000
  • Canadian/North American Championships/Cups — up to $10,000
  • Western Canadian Championships/Cups — up to $5,000

Minor International Championships and Events

Must be sanctioned by the International governing body and include no less than four countries/nations.

Canadian/North American Championships and Events

Those that include representation from no less than seven provinces/territories/states (teams or individuals may have earned the right through playoffs to represent more than one province, territory/state). Such events require sanction by the National Organization.

Western Canadian Championships and Events

Those that include representation from no less than four provinces/territories.  Such events require sanction by the Provincial Organization.

Grant Criteria

Applications will be reviewed on their individual merits based on the objectives of  Alberta Sport Connection, the financial resources available, and the following parameters:

  • Funding totaling $30,000 is the maximum awarded to any one sport in any fiscal year
  • All projects must fit within the mandate of Alberta Sport Connection
  • Funding amounts are maximum levels and may be adjusted depending on the number of applications received
  • Priority will be given to programs for the development of youth 18 years of age and younger
  • Priority will be given to Provincial Sport Organizations funded and recognized by the Alberta Sport Connection
  • If more than one Alberta group is bidding to host the same event, funding may be available only after the Alberta representative has been determined
  • Annual community based or provincial events are not eligible for funding
  • Priority will be given to applicants that have not received hosting funding in previous years

The Event Support Grant application package includes information on eligibility, the application process, your commitment and criteria. Please note the application package was updated on March 2017. Old versions of the application will no longer be accepted.

Contact Information

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