Core Training:

Core training is the first training requirement of the pathway. It provides a general knowledge of the functions and skills associated with the specified role (Learning Facilitators, Coach Evaluators & Master Coach Developers). This standardized training is required by all NCCP Coach Developers, and can be found on the NCCP Locker Calendar.  

Content Training:

Content training consists of participation in micro-facilitation or micro-evaluation sessions. These sessions consist of organized practice in working with the content specific to your role. It enhances the coach-developers ability by allowing them to walk through the content in a safe and supportive environment. After each micro-session the coach developer receives feedback from other coach developers and a Master Coach Developer. All feedback is constructive and focuses on what the coach developer did well, and what they could do better next time. If you are a sport specific coach developer, this training would be organized by your sport. If you are a multi-sport coach developer, this training would be organized by the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Branch.


After completing content training, Coach Developers are required to co-deliver with an experienced Coach Developer or Master Coach Developer. Co-delivery is done with real world scenarios, providing an opportunity to implement the content training, and build consistency in its delivery. The co-delivery environment is meant to nurture and support the coach developer, while fully engaging them in the process. Coach Developers are considered “trained” upon successful completion of this step.    


A trained Coach Developer’s knowledge, skills and attitudes are evaluated. The evaluation process helps the Coach Developer achieve certification by acknowledging the skills they have acquired and if necessary identifying the components that need improvement before certification is granted.  Evaluations are performed by trained NCCP Master Coach Developers, and should be requested from your governing organization. Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Branch has a pool of Master Coach Developers that can conduct evaluations at the request of the sport governing body.