Alberta Women in Sport Leadership Impact Program

Alberta Sport Connection and the Coaching Association of Canada have partnered in the development and delivery of the Alberta Women in Sport Leadership Impact Program. The program will aim to increase gender equity and leadership diversity in sport organizations in Alberta.  Through building more inclusive programs and by creating more opportunities for women within sport programs, the Alberta Women in Sport Leadership Impact Program aims to support leadership skills and capacity in a sport specific context.

Program Vision: To enable sport organizations to increase women’s leadership capacity.

Program Mission: To support the development of female leaders in sport.

Program Purpose: To create positive development experiences for female sport leaders through expert mentorship and developing a Community of Practice.

Program Participants & Project Overviews

Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference

Objective: The establishment of a Female Apprentice Coach Program to provide mentorship and training to increase the number of Female Apprentice Coaches, and ultimately certified female coaches, across all ACAC leagues.  Specifically this program will provide mentor training, leadership training and NCCP Certification opportunities for both training & education for female mentor and mentee coaches. Contact: Trina Radcliffe (

Alberta Lacrosse Association

Objective: To enhance the delivery of player camps & coaching clinics to increase the number of female coaches and players in Alberta Lacrosse. Recent ALA regulation mandates that all Female Teams must have a female coach registered to the team and supports this initiative with free women only coaching clinics. This program will also help teams successfully meet the mandate. Contact: Lisa Grant (

Spirit North

Objective: To empower women in remote Indigenous Albertan communities to build and contribute to sustainable cross-country ski programs through coach education & peer support. A secondary goal of the program is to increase inclusion in cross country ski programming. Contact: Laura Filipow (

Hockey Alberta

Objective: To increase the participation of women in coaching and officiating positions within female ice hockey. Investment will be made in the identification and training of Female Coach Mentors to promote sustainability and depth of the female coach and officials mentorship program. Contact: Kendall Newell (

Ringette Alberta

Objective: To increase the percentage of Females in the Head Coach role in Ringette to 50% by the 2022-23 season; to increase the presence of female coaches on the bench and team staff; and to create an environment where female coaches feel safe and confident to take leadership/power roles. This project will focus on the development of a Female Coach mentorship program in 3-4 regions as an initial pilot initiative. Contact: Caleigh Shaw (

Be Fit for Life Network

Objective: To create an Alberta focused communications campaign to diversify the popular image of active & strong women and girls, connecting Albertans to quality opportunities with sport. This project will be evaluated as a Masters thesis and will feature the other projects in the Women in Sport Leadership Impact Program. Contact: Megan McKinlay (

InMotion Network

Objective: The development of a baseball/softball league in a social housing project to foster leadership development and community connection. Leadership will be developed through the delivery of 8 Baseball coach education sessions for up to 8 female trainee coaches from two different communities (4 Somali and 4 Indigenous). The secondary outcome of this project is a reduction in racism through the development of the common ground of baseball/softball. Contact: Ella Mayer (

Athletics Alberta

Objective:  Integration of female coach mentoring into the Europe team trip to aid in the development of a strong female coach with international experience who can then go on to assist in leading a strong group of up-and-coming female coaches in the athletics community. Contact: Chelsey Phillips (

Fast and Female

Objective: Through partnership with academic institutions and the Coaching Association of Canada network of partners, the project will develop an evidence based evaluation system for application to all fast and female events and programs to better measure impact on participants. Contact: Kelsey Robin (

Alberta Soccer Association

Objective: The development and delivery of an officials development training day that is female led and targeted to female only participants, and the development and delivery of a professional development program for women that includes graduated coach developer training. The goal of these program initiatives is to increase the number of female coaches and officials in the sport of soccer. Contact: Carmen Charron (

Wapiti Nordic Ski Club

Objective: The Northern Alberta Women in Mountain Biking project will develop female leaders to facilitate the participation in sport and fitness through the activity of mountain biking. Contact: Lori Brough (

The Steadward Centre

Objective: This project entitled “Being an Other Among Others” aims to allow women who experience disability to share their thoughts on what has led them to feel included or excluded in sport, specific to the context of Parasport. The desired outcome from this work is to create awareness of barriers and facilitators encountered by individuals identifying as female and living with impairment in sport, and share practical tips that promote inclusive sport opportunities. Contact: Jessica Ferguson (

Karate Alberta

Objective: Development of an International Women in Coaching Mentorship program. This project will be a pilot with one coach attending international training and competitive opportunity through Karate Canada. The desired outcome is to see an increase in the number of female coaches who are enrolled in training and who have achieved certified coach status within the sport of Karate in Alberta.  Contact: Jasen Pratt (

Alberta Alpine Ski Association

Objective: Establishment of a women’s peer mentoring program aimed at developing women coaching leaders in Alpine Skiing Racing in Alberta. This project centers around a mentoring program which will require:

  1. Recruitment, development, and training of Senior Mentor Coaches
  2. Recruitment and development of Mentee coaches
  3. Providing Meaningful in person and electronic communication opportunities
  4. Creating meaningful professional development opportunities for Mentee coaches

Contact: Cam Stephen (