Wood Buffalo, Alberta

Wood Buffalo ranks by area, as one of the largest municipalities in North America encompassing 68,454 square kilometers.

The municipality was established in April 1995 through the amalgamation of the City of Fort McMurray and Improvement District No. 143.

Commonly referred to and thought of as a city, Fort McMurray is unincorporated and therefore has the status of being the largest unincorporated “city” in Alberta.

Additionally, the municipality consists of ten smaller communities: Anzac, Conklin, Draper, Fort Chipewyan, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort McKay, Gregoire Lake Estates, Janvier, Mariana Lake and Saprae Creek Estates.

The region is located within the auroral band that roughly centers on the 65th parallel, we are privileged to watch the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) dance most cold, clear evenings from October to March. Home to approximately 400 hectares of parks and trails within the region, Wood Buffalo embraces the great outdoors and winter sport!

As a region that nurtures local athletic talent, takes pride in sports tourism and is home to premium venues, we are honoured to be home of the 2018 Wood Buffalo Alberta Winter Games.