Local organizers are narrowing down their to-do lists to the final tasks with the 2018 Alberta Summer Games only a few weeks away.

Thousands of athletes, coaches and spectators from across the province will be in the area for the Games, being held July 19-22.

“We’re putting the final touches on everything right now. All of our food is dealt with, all of our accommodations are dealt with, transportation routes are just about finished, and we’re at a very good place in the planning right now,” Games manager Lindsey McNeil said.

McNeil, speaking earlier this week, said it’s been incredible to see the work done by organizers in recent months.

“I remember looking at (the task list last August) and it was this large list and now almost all of it has (been completed) and I’m totally overwhelmed with what this community has been able to accomplish,” McNeil said.

“These Games are a big deal and they are a lot of work to put on, and the countless hours that have gone in to make this happen is truly moving. I’m just so proud to have been a part of this. When this is done… I don’t know how I’m going to thank the community because something like this… it totally humbles you to see a community come together and create some of this magnitude… it’s just unbelievable.”

While the final I’s are being dotted and T’s are being crossed, the major focal point for organizers now is volunteer recruitment.

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