What do I need to know?

The Alberta Sport Connection has established a network of Alberta Sport Development Centres (ASDC) across the province. The main purpose of the ASDC network is to coordinate and enhance services available to Alberta’s best young developing athletes and emerging coaches. These regional centres provide services to athletes and coaches residing in rural and urban areas allowing athletes to develop and train at a high level without leaving home. ASDC also provide staff to fill the role of Zone Chef de Mission for the Alberta Games. For More Information

Each sport's technical package -including roster size, eligibility and rules of play – specifies how athletes and coaches are eligible to participate in the Alberta Games.  All athletes must qualify in a Zone playoff/selection, and meet their sport's eligibility requirements. Technical packages are available under each Games by clicking SPORTS INFORMATION. Alberta Games Eligibility Policy The Zone playoffs/selections are organized by the Provincial Sport Association (PSA) for each sport.  Please contact your PSA or your coach to find out more details, and the schedule of the playoff/selection in your Zone. A list of the Provincial Sport Associations can be found under SPORTS INFORMATION for each Alberta Games.

Alberta is divided into 8 Zones for the Alberta Games. Each Zone is assigned a colour for identification during the Games. Zone 1 - Sunny South  (Grey) Zone 2 - Big Country  (Brown) Zone 3 - Calgary  (Red) Zone 4 - Parkland  (Orange) Zone 5 - Black Gold/Yellowhead  (Yellow) Zone 6 - Edmonton  (Green) Zone 7 - North East  (Navy Blue) Zone 8 - Peace Country  (Royal Blue) Alberta Games Zone Map - PDF Zone List by Communities 

When you qualify for the Alberta Games, and pay your registration fee you will receive:

  • Transportation to and from the Games on National Motor Coach, if you live outside of 100km from the Host community.
  • Accommodation - all participants (athletes, coaches and chaperones) are housed in school classrooms
  • Meals at the Games will be provided at the Food Centre
  • Transportation in and around the Host community during the Games
  • Zone ID - apparel that identifies what Zone you are from
  • Participation in Ceremonies and other social events

Alberta Games participants (athletes, coaches and chaperones) stay in local schools, called an 'Athlete Village'. Zone teams will be housed in separate male and female Villages. Each team will be assigned 1 or 2 classrooms within each Village depending on the size of the Zone team. A mattress will be provided for you to sleep on, but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. All participants are required to stay in the Athlete Village for the 3 nights of the Games, and a curfew is set for the Games. Only those participants with the proper accreditation will be allowed in the Villages.

Bus transportation is provided to and from the Alberta Games by National Motor Coach. All participants (athletes, coaches and chaperones) that live outside of a 100km from the Host community are eligible to take an Alberta Games bus to and from the Games. If you want to use the bus transportation, ensure that you check-off the required transportation when you register on-line for the Games. You will receive a confirmation email from the Games registration office of your assigned bus to and from the Games. In this confirmation you will be given your bus number as well as the departure times and location of your pick up and drop off point. You are welcome to drive to and/or from the Games, however you must arrive at the in-person Registration Centre before it closes at 4:00pm, or you will be in breach of the Alberta Games Code of Conduct.

All athletes (and coaches/chaperones) attending the games must stay in the accommodation sites on all three nights of the games. This is part of the Code of Conduct signed by each athlete and parent. Any athlete that leaves early is subject to sanctions by the Alberta Sport Connection. Your provincial sport association will be notified.

All Zone team coaches are given a list of their athletes. You should be contacted by your Zone coach prior to the Alberta Games. If this hasn't happened before you leave for the Games, please contact your Provincial Sport Association found under SPORTS INFORMATION.

All Alberta Games participants must register on-line by selecting On-Line Registration from the drop down menu found by clicking on one of the Games.  The Waiver of Liability and Release Form is the first thing you’ll have to complete, properly sign and upload when you register for the Alberta Games. You must complete the form before you will be allowed to compete at the Games. The Waiver must be signed by you (and for athletes, your parent/guardian). Be sure to read the Code of Conduct, which is part of this form.

  • Your sport equipment and uniform for competition.
  • A sleeping bag, pillow, towel and any toiletries that you require.