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Games start July 22, 2021

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The executive of the Lethbridge 2020 Alberta Summer Games Society has elected to  postpone the games until summer 2021.This decision was made after careful consideration of the current state of Covid-19 in the province and the likelihood of being able to safely host the Lethbridge 2020 Alberta Summer Games.

This decision has been made in consultation with the Government of Alberta and the City of Lethbridge administration, and has the full support of our games partners. We have also advised our stakeholders and provincial sports organizations of our decision. The health and wellbeing of our young athletes was at the forefront of this decision. While postponing these games is being done with an abundance of caution, we believe this will ultimately prove to be
the right decision for all involved.

We recognize that this postponement will be disappointing news for athletes, coaches, officials, parents, sponsors, supporters and our volunteers. The coronavirus has already hampered preparation for zone tryouts, which we know has likely added anxiety to an already difficult situation. By postponing these games rather than choosing outright cancellation, we put a pause in preparation for the games to allow for all involved to focus solely on getting through this pandemic safely. The games will wait for you to be at your best.

Since announcing that the 2020 Alberta Summer Games would be held here, we’ve built an incredible leadership team and recruited wonderful community volunteers. We are still committed to welcoming our young, talented Alberta athletes to Lethbridge next summer. We will now focus our collective energies on making next summer’s games the best – and safest – games ever held.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lethbridge in 2021. Bring your best! Be your best!

Rick Blakeley, RSE, BSE, MBA,
President, Lethbridge 2020 Alberta Summer Games Society



See Everyone July 22-25, 2021!

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City of Lethbridge

Lethbridge is proud to welcome the young athletes, coaches, volunteers and families to our beautiful city. Lethbridge is looking forward to sharing the amazing community with all.