Board of Directors

Alberta Sport Connection (ASC) Board of Directors is a dedicated volunteer group responsible for the governance and management of ASC. They establish policy, oversee the implementation of core businesses, and provide guidance to assist ASC in achieving  its vision and mission.

Our mandate is to develop and maintain sports programs, facilities and services: and to raise funds to be used in assisting the corporation in the carrying out of its objectives.

ACS is a provincial corporation dedicated to the development of sport from the grassroots to high-performance. Our mission is to enhance, advocate and inspire participation and partnership as Albertans strive for excellence in sport. Our vision is for Alberta to be the premier sport delivery system in Canada.

More than 64 percent of children and 23 percent of adults in Alberta participate in organized sport.

Board Members

These individuals are appointed by the Government of Alberta:



Vice Chair

Ms. Kelly Blackshaw, BPE, CEP, Calgary

Kelly is a Kinesiologist and certified exercise physiologist. Throughout her life she has been a leader in fitness and athletics and is recognized for many outstanding accomplishments, including being inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, and receiving the Booster Club Athletic Leader Award and an Alberta Certified Exercise Physiologist Recognition Award. Kelly was also commended with the Alberta Centennial Salute Award in Sport and Recreation for her work with children through KidSport. Kelly has great enthusiasm for every aspect of her work at INLIV and is passionate about creating happy, healthy, high-performing workforces for her clients. Kelly is involved in and enjoys many activities such as golfing, skiing, scuba diving, hiking, biking and many more.


Ms. Ann MacTaggart, CA, Sherwood Park

Ms. MacTaggart brings experience through involvement with Ringette Alberta and values athlete-centered decisions. She has a strong accounting background as a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant and also has an extensive leadership and training background.

Mr. Antonio Flores, Edmonton

Mr. Flores has extensive experience with the International Paralympic Committee, having been the Director General for the Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award for eight different Paralympic Games. He has also been involved in many different para sports within Alberta.

 Ms. Erica Wiebe, BA, BKnes, Calgary

Ms. Wiebe is the reigning Olympic Champion in Freestyle Wrestling. She has received two degrees through the University of Calgary – Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Honors) and Bachelor of Kinesiology.

Ms. Helen Upperton, Calgary

Ms. Upperton is a former Olympic Bobsleigh athlete and current member of the Canadian Olympic Committee. She continues to be well connected through her involvement with the Canadian Olympic Committee and her work in sport development.

Mr. Jesse Bhondi, Edmonton

Mr. Bhondi has extensive managerial experience in the public sector and a record of success in getting initiatives off the ground and flourishing. Mr. Bhondi has also served as the Director of Highland Primary Care Network.

Ms. Kody Taylor, Edmonton

Ms. Taylor has experience working with an Indigenous organization and also with the Manitoba Badminton Association, where she was a part of the team that developed a plan for an adult badminton league in the City of Winnipeg in order to increase sport and recreation for all people, which gave her experience in tournament organization.

Ms. Taryn Barry, MPE, Calgary

Ms. Barry has worked with multiple sport associations at the national and international level. She completed a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Recreation and is involved in numerous international development organizations, including founding the Etisah Foundation which supports orphaned children in Cameroon.

Mr. Wade Kolmel, Fort McMurray

A Fort McMurray resident covering a decade and a half, Wade moved to Northern Alberta after completing degress at the University of Manitoba and Regina. A mainstay at Keyano College that has expanded during his time as Athletic Director. He is actively involved in the local figure skating, minor hockey and baseball programs as well as every multi-sport championship hosted in RMWB since the turn of the century. Wade is currently President of the Wood Buffalo Sport Hall of Fame Society and an advocate of the future Wood Buffalo Sport Connection. A former reciepient of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Director of the Year, Wade is very proud of the three CCAA National Championships Committees he has been a part of in Fort McMurray. Wade and his wife Melissa have three kids and together they enjoy the Birchwood Trails, Vista Ridge and the Suncor Leisure Center as often as humanly possible.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lloyd Bentz

Compensation Disclosure

The Alberta government requires the public disclosure of compensation for employees of agencies, boards and commissions over a certain threshold.

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