International Sport Exchange

International Sport Exchange fosters sport development, friendship and potential economic development between Alberta and selected areas in Asia.

Through sport exchanges with our sister provinces, Alberta has established strong relationships with Hokkaido, Japan and Gangwon, Korea.

International Sport Exchanges are a two-year commitment: one year of the exchange involves Alberta athletes, coaches and officials representing a specific sport visiting the sister province; the other year involves the sister province's athletes, coaches and officials visiting Alberta.

At the end of the two years, a new agreement is negotiated with the sister province involving a different sport.

The International Sport Exchange is a partnership project between Alberta Culture & Tourism, Provincial Sport Organizations and International & Intergovernmental Relations.

Current Exchanges

  • Gangwon, Korea - Biathlon
  • Hokkaido, Japan - Golf

Exchange History

1974 Alberta signs the Protocol of Friendship with the Province of Gangwon and Republic of Korea.
1980 Prefecture of Hokkaido becomes Alberta's second sister province with the signing of the Proclamation of Friendship and Affiliation.
1981 Heilongjiang, China becomes Alberta's third sister province with the signing of the Protocol of Understanding and Friendship.
1990 Alberta signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Russian Republic.



International Sport Exchange brings many benefits to Alberta and our athletes, coaches and officials. The exchange:

  • Fosters a deep commitment to the ideals of peace, fraternity and mutual respect
  • Contributes to international goodwill and understanding
  • Promotes Alberta and creates economic ties
  • Contributes to the overall development of young Albertans through exposure to diverse and vibrant cultures
  • Contributes to sport development through exposure to international competition and coaching
  • Improves the potential of Alberta athletes through exposure to competitions within foreign countries
  • Improves the quality of coaching and officiating through exposure to different training methods and ideas
  • Expands the knowledge base related to sport development systems and sport medicine
  • Encourages Alberta sport organizations to develop an international sport network

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