Make Ethical Decisions (MED)

A part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), all coaches will be trained in ethical decision-making and sport safety.

To become an NCCP coach, you will need to complete the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation. Prior to completing the online evaluation, we recommend you participate in a MED workshop.

Make Ethical Decisions Workshop

The MED module is offered in the Competition - Introduction Part A workshop and as a stand alone module.

Find a MED Workshop in your community or complete it through the Home Study option.  

If your sport/club has an interest in hosting a MED workshop, please complete a Hosting Application form and email to Adam Sollitt.

Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation

If you have prior experience in this area, a coach can choose to go directly to the MED Online Evaluation

If a coach chooses to go directly to the Online Evaluation without taking the workshop or home study, there is an $85.00 fee - the coach has two chances to successfully complete the evaluation.  If a coach completes the training and the MED module is visible on their transcript, the coach has unlimited attempts to complete the evaluation at no cost.

Please note, there are four MED Online Evaluation options - Community, Competition-Introduction, Competition-Development and Instruction - confirm with your sport which evaluation is right for you!

Coaches Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

As a condition of membership, many Provincial Sport Organizations and sport clubs will require a coach to agree to respect and abide by a Coaches Code of Ethics at all times.

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