High Performance Coach

Advanced Coaching Diploma

Please refer to the Canadian Sport Institute - Calgary for details on the Advanced Coaching Diploma Program that integrates classroom study with a coaching practicum in partnership with a highly qualified Master Coach.

The ACD provides flexibility for the active coach, the Diploma is available in a two year, part-time program.

For more information, contact:

Canadian Sport Institute - Calgary

University of Calgary

Tel: (403) 220-8197
E-mail:  jsjostrom@csicalgary.ca
Website: Canadian Sport Institute - Calgary


Graduate Program - Coaching Studies

The graduate degree in coaching is a two-year program primarily designed to prepare the student for leadership in the career of coaching. The degree emphasizes the academic, organizational, and practical aspects of advanced coaching.

Practical coaching experiences with top domestic or international coaches will be an important component of this degree.

For more information, contact:

University of Alberta - Faculty of Physical Education and Recreatioon

Graduate Programs - 492-3198

Website: Faculty of Phys. Ed. and Recreation - graduate program