Competition-Development Program

This National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) context is focused on developing the Learning to Train to Training to Compete athletes and includes nine multi-sport modules designed for coaching to refine basic sport skills, develop more advanced skills and tactics, and prepare for performance at the provincial and national level.

The nine modules are:

  1. Coaching and Leading Effectively (10 hours)
  2. Developing Athletic Abilities (9 hours)
  3. Leading Drug Free Sport (3.5 hours)
  4. Managing Conflict (4.5 hours)
  5. Prevention and Recovery (7.5 hours)
  6. Psychology of Performance (7 hours)
  7. Manage a Sport Program (4 hours)
  8. Performance Planning (12.5 hours)
  9. Advanced Practice Planning (5 hours)

Coaches wishing to complete all of the training in the Competition - Development context will also need to complete a number of sport specific modules.

Coaches beginning to train in the NCCP Competition - Development context should first consider completing training and/or evaluation in the Planning a Practice, Design a Basic Sport Program and Make Ethical Decisions modules in the NCCP.  These three modules serve as a necessary foundation for the Competition - Development context.

Learn more about the Competition-Development modules. Interested in a module? Check out the NCCP Course calendar for the next scheduled offering! 

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