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VIP Report Webinar

In order to facilitate a better understanding of the Coaching Association of Canada’s VIP reporting tool, Alberta Sport Connection arranged for an online webinar scheduled on November 24th, 2015.  The webinar was led by the Coaching Association of Canada’s Director of Information Technology Jonathan Lavoie-Copeland.   

The VIP Reporting tool reports on data entered into the CAC’s Locker database.  Metrics being tracked include: how individual programs are performing (Product Summary), new coaches (First Event Summary), certification rates (Certification Summary), and the time it takes between a coach attending a NCCP event and when it shows up on their transcript (Event Summary). 

These reports show data for ALL of the NCCP.  By utilizing the tool you can view data for any NCCP partner, allowing you to compare how your programs are performing with others.  Note that you can slice your data by many different filters including province, gender and others.    

This webinar will show you both how to navigate through the tool, as well as how you can maximize your use of the tool for the benefit of your coach education programming. 

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  • Use the following credentials to log in: 
    • Username: NCCP_PSO
    • Password: NCCP_P$*

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