Canada Games

About The Games

The Canada Games are an interprovincial and territorial sports festival staged

every two years, alternating between Summer and Winter Games.

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Since the Canada Games were introduced in 1967, more than 100,000 participants in over 40 sports have been involved as athletes, coaches or officials, and over 75,000 volunteers have dedicated their time to staging the event.

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Developing Alberta's Athletes 

The Canada Games have played a prominent role in developing some of Alberta's premier athletes: 

Michelle Cameron (1979)

Michael Slipchuk (1983)

Sherraine Schalm (1991)

Haley Wickenheiser (1991)

Danielle Wotherspoon(1995,1999)

Jay Bouwmeester (1999)

Jennifer Heil (1999)

Jan Hudec (1999)

Zoe Hoskins (2001)

Keamia Rasa (2001)

Erin McLeod (2001)

Sheena Lawrick (2001)

Annamay Pierse (2001)

Chandra Crawford (2003)

Megan Mikkelson-Reid (2003

Amanda Ammar (2003)

Tara Whitten (2003)

John Fairburn (2005)

Joel Greenshields (2005)

Erica Morningstar (2005)

Jillian Tyler (2005)

Anastasia Bucsis (2007)

Rosanna Crawford (2007)

Jessica Gregg (2007)

Keltie Hansen (2007)

Kaylin Irvine (2007)

Gilmore Junio (2007)

Graeme Killick (2007,2011)

Heidi Widmer (2007,2011)

Jesse Cockney (2011)























Alberta Alumni

Over the years, thousands of athletes, coaches and managers have been members of Team Alberta at the Canada Games:

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