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Team Alberta North, had a strong performance at the 2016 Arctic Winter Games, March 5-12 in Nuuk, Greenland, earning 88 ulus, finishing third overall.  

Team Alberta North wrap-up news release

TEAM ALBERTA NORTH FINAL RESULTS an event by event placing for every Team Alberta North athlete.

Team Alberta North is made up of participants that live north of the 55th parallel and competing in 13 different sports and culture. For a complete list of Team Alberta North athletes, coaches, cultural participants and mission staff click our HOMETOWN LIST or view our MEDIA BOOKLET.




The Arctic Winter Games is an internation sport festival bringing together athletes from the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, Alaska, Greenland, Russia, Nunavik, Northern Alberta and the indigenous people (Sapmi) of Norway and Finland.

The concept of the Arctic Winter Games was developed as a direct result of the experiences of Northern athletes at the 1967 Canada Winter Games.

Representatives of the Yukon and Northwest Territories realized that their teams were at disadvantage due to relatively small athletic pools, lack of facilities and infrequent training opportunities. Therefore, the concept of an event specifically designed for northern athletes was born.

The first games were staged in 1970 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and have taken place every two years since, alternating among participating jurisdictions.

Team Alberta North joined the Arctic Winter Games in 1986, and we hosted for the first time 1994 in Slave Lake.

The 2016 Arctic Winter Games are in Nuuk Greenland from March 5-12, 2016.



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